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Straight Outta Compton: A Case Study in Impact

If there is one thing that gets SGA up in the morning (aside of the double-shot soy latte), it’s impact. We like to make a difference. We put our passion for impact to the test one recent Saturday morning, when we met in the parking lot of Bunche Middle School at 7am sharp (caffeine in hand) to participate in Compton Initiative’s Just Do Good work day.

3 Great Communication Lessons

Last weekend I was down on Belmont Shore eating lunch with my family, when, all of a sudden, throngs of people with baby blue and white stripped soccer jerseys started piling into the bar. Argentina was about to play and the fans were amassing. Not sure if you have caught it yet, but World Cup fever is spreading.

Dude, Where’s My Bag?

Dog owners know that picking up after one’s dog is the right thing to do. The trick is to get them to actually do it. Fresh off the presses, we present the results of our program to reduce pet waste on behalf of the San Bernardino County Stormwater Program. Over a one-year period, we found the percentage of dog owners who attached the waste bag canister to their dog’s leash jump to 83% from 52%, a jump of nearly 60 (far exceeding our goal of 10%!).

The Secret to Creating Creativity

Most of us ave a clear idea of where we fall on the creativity spectrum. On the long journey from papier mache to professional, we figure out if we’re more actuary than Matisse or closer to concert pianist than astrophysicist.

Meet Adam, SGA’s Worm-Loving, Endurance-Training Master and New Biz Guru

New Biz Wizz, composting enthusiast, barefoot runner and curious thinker are just a couple of words that describe Adam Quinn, SGA’s newest team member. Adam joins us from Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he studied Law and received his JD/MBA from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

Death by PowerPoint

There are plenty of reasons to hate Microsoft. But in my mind, PowerPoint isn’t one of them. Now, don’t get me wrong, it is very easy to make a bad presentation in PowerPoint and yes, Microsoft has designed PowerPoint to facilitate that by defaulting to bullet points. So no, they aren’t completely innocent.