SGA Marketing

Branding and Design

Show your true colors

A well-conceived brand is one of the most powerful tools in your organization’s arsenal. When executed correctly, your branding will illustrate the mission and vision of your organization. It reinforces your trustworthiness. It communicates your values. And, hopefully, it gets people on your side.

Over the years, SGA has helped a multitude of government agencies develop outstanding, effective brand identities. We always strive to create a brand that evokes your mission and helps you maintain a positive reputation in your community.

Develop a brand strategy

All successful branding efforts start with the development of a sound strategy. One that takes into account several factors, including the organization’s objectives, employee input, and audience perceptions. We’ll assess the current brand identity, dive deep into research, and develop potential brand models. 

We’ll collect data about how the public sees your organization in order to better understand their emotional response to your brand. All these insights will feed into the design of branding materials, the phrasing of our messages, and the selection of our media channels.

Design your visual identity

Once we’ve got a handle on the context of your brand, we’ll get to work on your visual identity. We’ll start with a logo: a succinct, visually attractive symbol of your brand. Then, we’ll develop a brand style guide: a document that outlines the best ways to apply your brand marks across platforms and products. This will cover logos, brand colors, typography, file formats, avatars, and more. 

This will help you create a consistent identity no matter where your audience encounters your brand.

Use your words

A brand identity is more than just a logo — it’s a cohesive tone you bring to life throughout your communications. We start by developing a voice that spans every piece of content you publish: a purposeful, consistent expression of your brand. 

Our savvy team of copywriters will work to articulate your new brand through key messages and evocative taglines. Then, we’ll use A/B testing to determine which resonates the most with your audience.