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Community Outreach

Los Amigos Park Stormwater Diversion Project

City of Santa Monica – Los Amigos Park Service: Community Outreach Challenge In order to achieve community support and buy-in for this stormwater diversion project, the City of Santa Monica needed to communicate the project benefits to the surrounding community, school district staff and various civic organizations. Solution The Los Amigos Park Stormwater Harvesting and …

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Multi-Family Recycling Program

Multi-Family Recycling Program – City of Culver City Service: Community Outreach Challenge Culver City wanted to create a community outreach program that would educate residents about its multi-family beverage container recycling program. Solution To create community awareness about multi-family recycling required changing the behavior of thousands of people, most of whom regarded the staff of …

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Community-Based Social Marketing Webinar

An Introduction to Community-Based Social Marketing To influence behavior, we need to influence behavioral motivation and behavioral ease. Community-Based Social Marketing (CBSM) is a research-based method that focuses on removing barriers and encouraging motivators in the community to achieve positive behavior change. Listen to Stephen Groner below in part one of our CBSM series as …

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