SGA Marketing

City of Irvine Environmental Programs – Energy Conservation


Branding and Design


The City of Irvine Environmental Programs (IEP) wanted to encourage residents to conserve energy.


SGA created a campaign that achieved three main goals:

  • Educate City of Irvine residents about hidden sources of energy consumption throughout their homes and offices
  • Provide simple steps for reducing energy consumption
  • Engage and empower City of Irvine students to become advocates of energy conservation

SGA implemented a strategy that combined online and residential outreach to achieve IEP’s objectives. The multifaceted campaign had a modern and vibrant look and feel in order to engage audiences of all ages. The strategy was to focus on energy vampires, devices that slowly suck energy through the use of standby power. We personified these energy vampires into a gang of animated characters and inspire residents to go vampire hunting. This gamification approach appealed to a broad audience and made learning and adopting new behaviors interactive and fun.


Online Outreach

The online strategy focused on creating a branded website that made residents aware of energy vampires in their homes or offices and provided simple ways to hunt them down. The website was the hub of the campaign. It featured an interactive energy usage quiz, which allowed residents to personally identify the vampires in their environment, see the effects of energy vampires and learn simple tips and benefits of cutting back on energy consumption. We encouraged residents to provide us with their email after taking the quiz in exchange for a small incentive. These emails formed the beginning of an energy-focused community that IEP would reach out to for future campaigns.

Youth Outreach

SGA designed and created materials that IEP used for school outreach. We created a cast of animated vampire characters that brought the environmental message and conservation actions to life in a fun and engaging way. We created trading cards of each character and provided the students with an official Vampire Hunter badge to empower them to rid their homes of the energy suckers. Young people helped deliver messages to parents and other family members. To help them bring the message home, we gave them a refrigerator magnet that kick-started the conversation and provided a visual reminder to the entire household.


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