SGA Marketing

Community Outreach

As a firm with a purpose, we’re in the business of creating change

We’re passionate about making a difference in the world. And change always starts in the community.
At SGA, we inspire action beyond the project by establishing expansive community outreach: engaging with stakeholders, educating target audiences, and facilitating meaningful conversations.

Know your audience

Our first step in developing outreach programs is to understand the people we’re trying to engage with. Over the years, we’ve learned that conducting outreach to a given group — especially hard-to-reach and/or ethnic communities — requires an in-depth understanding of the cultural and social context that they live in. 

Once we discover the things that motivate and obstruct their behavior, we can tailor a targeted, effective messaging strategy that reaches them where they are.

Find your allies

For your organization to successfully inspire behavior change, the community must see you as a partner. That’s why we always try to include organizations, individuals, and businesses who share and can help spread your message.

People listen to trusted voices they believe in, which is why we cultivate strong relationships with influential community organizations, local leaders, and faith institutions. Our highly flexible, multi-pronged public relations strategies also help us get relevant stories into different sectors of media.

Engage your community

Successful community outreach programs don’t just tell people what to do — they create meaningful, two-way exchanges between the client and their audiences.

We achieve this by implementing tried-and-true engagement tactics: participating in community events, putting on educational workshops, and facilitating webinars — these are all ways to bring your organization closer to the audiences you’re trying to reach.