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Leadership and Change – A Workshop to Provide Tools to Support Change Agents


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Creating enduring change is one of the most difficult jobs any manager, sustainability professional, or organization will face. While creating momentary change can often be accomplished through directives or a more top down approach, lasting change that becomes self-sustaining is harder and much more difficult to achieve. It requires engagement and buy-in at both a personal level and group or community level so that a new social norm is set and new habits are formed. It is often this lack of understanding of what it takes to create enduring, lasting change within a group that trips up many efforts to institute change whether in an organization or in a community.

This workshop focuses on helping managers and sustainability professionals facilitate change through a better understanding of the change process and the steps needed to engage, communicate, and build buy-in for change. The program is based on academic research from the field of psychology with the goal of providing concrete tools and tactics to use in developing a change program. The workshop is a balance of walking participants through the theory with concrete case studies so they can see the pitfalls that all efforts face and learn strategies to overcome them and build successful efforts.

The key elements to be covered include:

  • Understanding the stages of behavior change
  • Developing a strategy by targeting the three key building blocks for change
  • Building a framework for change using an engagement brief
  • Research on persuasion and seven key techniques to facilitate buy-in
  • Understanding the threats to change
  • Important tool and tactics from community based social marketing (CBSM) to help facilitate change in a community

The workshop can be delivered in one full day that goes over all the key elements of behavior change or over two days which combines the first day of learning with a second day of practice.

Communication Crisis Response Training

Crisis media response training is important for employees at every level. In this training, SGA helps members of your senior executive team the proper way to speak to the media and handle a crisis.

Our intensive one and two day training programs prepare senior executives to confidently manage the most challenging questions and ensure that the reputation of the company or organization, as well as their own personal reputations, are protected.

The training involves realistic practical exercises with a local television crew and using scenarios that are specific to your company or organization. We will prepare your executives to control the message and the interview and demonstrate confidence in themselves and your company.

SGA will also teach you how to coordinate a three-fold communications crisis plan, which includes working closely with the appropriate agency staff to proactively bring forward information on the situation, listening and engaging community leaders to address their concerns, and then briefing media outlets on any public health concerns, the remediation plan and the strategy moving forward.

Providing an effective interview or performing well in a press conference is an important skill and requires practice. Without training and preparation, even the most experienced leaders and presenters can stumble when confronted by aggressive journalists.


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