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Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department


Strategic Communication


With a new name, logo and vision, HCIDLA needed to rebrand itself as a newly integrated department that was poised to address more than just housing needs of Angelinos. HCIDLA wanted to communicate that it was expanding its mission to create livable communities by addressing a host of other issues such as health, safety, education, transportation and sustainability.


SGA was brought on board to help facilitate the transition and to combine two distinct cultures as one. When combined, the two organizations had more than 750 employees in several locations throughout Los Angeles. Finding consensus among such a large group was critical to ensure that there was a unified voice that spoke to the missions of both organizations.

One of the first tasks SGA did was create a new logo to represent the newly developed department. Then, to effectively reach and engage its target populations, SGA created a strategic communication plan that included the following tactics:

  1. Lay the Foundation: Conducted a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) Analysis
  2. Prioritize Objectives: Led a strategy meeting with a diverse team of members to create a list of the department’s top priorities.
  3. Pave the Road:
  4. Created a road map detailing the components for the strategic plan that incorporated a ten-year impact statement and also listed five-year goals, one-year goals, quarterly goals and even daily tactics.

With department-wide support of the strategic communication plan, SGA created new cohesive branding materials. SGA continuously helped the department communicate HCIDLA’s new brand. Eventually, the staff became the stewards of the new brand and confidently promoted the department’s new goals on their own. SGA continued to work with HCIDLA on numerous public relations and outreach projects such as helping the Mayor’s Innovation Team and HCIDLA develop a campaign to measurably and sustainably increase awareness of Los Angeles’ rent stabilization ordinance and protections as well as to increase the usage of the rent stabilization hotline in key neighborhoods.


As the department staff became more familiar with the materials, tone, and vision of the updated brand, SGA continuously provided the department with tools to help them better communicate it. The goal was to create a communication plan that reflected the mission of the organization and enable employees to be stewards of the brand.

Here were the outcomes:

  1. Pre-workshop call with key stakeholders to discuss planned outcomes
  2. Reviewed existing strategic planning materials, organizational goals and objectives
  3. SWOT, breakout sessions and exercises for the stakeholders to work through
  4. Coordinated and facilitated a 2-day workshop session
  5. Three in-person meetings (includes 2-day session) and two staff conference calls
  6. Served as planning facilitator and coordinator/note-taker
  7. Developed a communications strategic plan with messaging recommendations based on session outcomes
  8. Created a one-pager cheat sheet about communications strategic planning
  9. Developed a reference guide for communications strategic planning
  10. Created a power point presentation of findings, tools and recommendations
  11. Produced a full report recapping session findings, tools and recommendations


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