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Multi-Family Recycling Program – City of Culver City


Community Outreach


Culver City wanted to create a community outreach program that would educate residents about its multi-family beverage container recycling program.


To create community awareness about multi-family recycling required changing the behavior of thousands of people, most of whom regarded the staff of Culver City as strangers. SGA provided logistical and community liaison support to help grow and sustain the program. We developed and disseminated recycling education materials, promotional items and public service announcement videos. We also conducted recycling outreach events and presentations for multi-family residents, posted recycling site signs next to bins and purchased and distributed recycling totes and 3-cubic yard bins.

The program focused on broad public awareness initiatives such as developing easy-to-understand materials to be placed next to recycling stations and encouraging residents directly to request that building managers and HOAs enroll their units in the the multi-family recycling program.

Raising community awareness in the recycling program took more than standard advertising. SGA used Community Based Social Marketing tactics to develop an umbrella brand and messaging that conveyed to residents that recycling was easy, helpful to the community and something that everyone was already doing. Through press coverage, social media and email newsletters, over 100,000 Culver City residents were reached and made aware of Culver City’s recycling program. We also reached our target residents by working with property managers in these multi-family buildings and encouraging recycling champions to share their passions with their fellow neighbors.


SGA far exceeded the numeric goal for reaching multi-family units by an astounding 71%, reaching 3,420 units and 28 complexes. We also placed 83 3-cubic yard bins in complexes throughout the City. We succeeded in making recycling a social norm in the City of Culver City, creating buzz in the community about the bins and various materials that became coveted and sought out among residents in participating complexes. To ensure proper recycling would continue long after the campaign, we made sure to educate residents on correct recycling practices.


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