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Meet The Team

Meet our team of go-getters, doers, believers, and innovators. While our team members have specific job titles, our experience is diverse and our staff can wear different hats to make sure the project’s goals are met.

Stephen Groner

Stephen Groner, P.E., is the founder and president of SGA. Prior to starting SGA in 1998, Stephen, with his engineering background, worked for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works as a project manager. This experience gives him keen insight into understanding the intricacies of managing government projects, as well as the importance of public engagement and education to gaining approval and acceptance of a project. Through his work, Stephen has helped shape and implement many of the major pollution prevention and community outreach programs in California.

Administrative Manager

Samantha Concetti

As one of SGA’s first employee, Samantha has been instrumental in influencing and steering the company’s growth. From managing account receivables to processing payroll to even conducting outreach, her duties and assignments have been integral to the stability of SGA. She is more than an office administrator; she is a problem solver. Using her broad skillset, she has helped SGA resolve many project and client issues.

HR Coordinator

Mell Chhoy

As the HR Coordinator, Mell dedicates her time to assisting the SGA team and facilitating processes and procedures. Her experience as a probate and estate planning paralegal and as a documentation control specialist in the aerospace and aviation industry allows her to understand and navigate the complexities of HR compliance and focus on refining the policies and employee handbook.

Creative Strategist

Ly Nguyen

Ly has a strong advertising and marketing background with a proven track record of success as a creative strategist. He has a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and served as the Creative Director for many years at Omni Advertising, the #1 advertising agency in South Florida. He has developed original ideas and concepts which he then converted into fully conceptualized print, TV, radio and digital campaigns. He deftly combines creative strategies with analytics to create innovative marketing strategies. His audio and video production experience allows him to efficiently organize and direct commercial shoots and production.

Project Manager

Angie Lee

Angie is a marketing professional with ample experience in online marketing and outreach coordination. From social media to video production to community meetings, she possesses the skills to help SGA’s clients successfully communicate and engage with their stakeholders. Angie is mainly managing the San Bernardino County Stormwater Program, the Thermostat Recycling Corporation, and the Riverside County Watershed Protection School Outreach Program. She specializes in coordinating design and outreach projects.

Project Manager

Michelle Struthers

A native San Diegan, Michelle has over a decade of experience designing and implementing behavior change research and programming. Michelle studied public health and international development at Tulane University, where she later went on to obtain a Masters in Public Health with a focus in social epidemiology. Her professional experiences span many locales and subjects. From sexual health programming in rural Kenya to HIV prevention outreach in New Delhi, violence prevention research in New Orleans to obesity prevention research in San Diego, Michelle is driven by a passion for using an evidence-based approach to create healthier, cleaner and happier communities. Michelle manages market research and strategic communications for the County of San Diego Department of Public Works, Russian River Watershed Association, City of Newport Beach commercial recycling initiative and Orange County Child Support Services. She also supports market research initiatives in SGA’s work with the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County.

Project Manager

Suzi Senna

Suzi has over a decade of experience executing marketing campaigns from initial concept to the design phase through completion. As a project manager for a mission-driven strategic marketing and communications agency, Suzi has worked with various organizations and government agencies on a spectrum of environmental and social issues. Her primary goal is to help her clients improve communities using public outreach and a research-based marketing approach to help foster positive behavior change. Suzi manages strategic communications and tactical implementation for Rethink Waste, San Mateo County Environmental Health, FIRST 5 Santa Clara, City of Lincoln Stormwater Program, and oversees countywide programming for the City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County to meet regional NPDES compliance for public outreach.

Project Manager

Tara Dales

As a project manager, Tara has worked in both the film and advertising industries, focusing on creative development, producing, and social media management. In 2015, she directed the SafariLive TV show for National Geographic Wild. Prior to joining SGA, she was a content project manager for the lead African office of the advertising agency, BBDO, where she worked on a number of global campaigns, including Visa’s Sponsorship of the 2016 Olympic Games. She was proudly born and raised in South Africa, where she obtained a Bachelor of Social Science Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Cape Town. Thereafter, she got a Masters in Fine Arts in Film Producing from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles.

PR Coordinator

Nanami Yoshimura

Nanami is a well-rounded marketer with hands-on experience in digital marketing, Asian American marketing and project management. Prior to joining SGA, she was an account manager at a multicultural marketing agency, where she helped various Japanese and other Asian companies promote their products or services. She is passionate about environmental conservation, and wants to utilize her solid marketing background to solve challenging issues. She is a Tokyo native and a proud graduate of CSU, Long Beach where she earned her Master’s degree in Business Administration and Bachelor’s degree in Design.

Project Coordinator

Paige Rosenberg

Paige is an environmental communications and marketing coordinator with degrees from UC Berkeley in Society and Environment and Media Studies. Paige’s genuine passion for the work SGA conducts drives her motivation to go the extra mile for projects, lead with thoughtfulness, and get results to create positive behavior change. Paige coordinates the San Mateo Countywide Pollution Prevention Program’s content creation (social media, blog, and e-newsletter), pesticide specific outreach, promotional campaigns for workshops, and communications for its Public Information and Participation subcommittee. She also oversees the e-newsletter for NASA Services of RecycLA (quarterly) and City of Lincoln Stormwater Program (monthly). Paige specializes in outreach, copywriting, website management, email marketing, copyediting, and research.

Project Specialist

Denisse Tapia

As a graduate from California State University Long Beach, Denisse has garnered a lot of experience in outreach and community engagement. She has a Bachelors’s in Business Management and is knowledgeable in marketing, project management, and event planning. Currently, she manages one of SGA’s largest social media accounts and runs successful Facebook Ad Campaigns. She’s also a go-to for Spanish translation. Denisse has a passion for lowering her environmental footprint and she brings that passion to every project she’s a part of.

Graphic Designer

Mary Gamboa-Kroesen

Mary specializes in clean, modern design and marketing solutions that engage the stakeholder and guide them to look closer. With every project, she aims to create purposeful design with lasting power. As a skilled graphic and web designer, Mary combines art and technology to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate the attention of our clients’ target audiences. Through the use of images, text, and color, she has helped transform complex data into visual graphics.


Pablo Fonseca

Pablo is an experienced producer, videographer, editor and visual effects artist. He can produce, direct, shoot and edit short and long form videos. He has over ten years’ experience with Adobe Creative Suite: Premiere Pro, After Effects, Media Encoder, Audition, Photoshop, and Illustrator. He is also proficient with Cinema 4-D for 3-D, Final Cut, and Avid. He has developed videos and animations for the City of Irvine, California Dept of Food and Agriculture, and San Mateo County Environmental Health Services.

Web Developer

Drew Matamales

With more than a decade as a web developer and over fifteen years in marketing, Drew has a knack for creating unique online experiences and technology solutions, and a passion for doing things right. Focusing on accessibility, quality, and longevity, Drew builds attractive and modern websites that are easy to administer and fun to use. His work is centered around open standards like HTML5, CSS 3 and JavaScript, and he specializes in deep customization of Content Management System (CMS) frameworks, such as WordPress and Drupal. Drew is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara with a bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Studies, a musician, and an avid technology enthusiast and gamer.


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