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Paintcare – Market Research and Message Design (Latino Outreach)


Research and Surveys


Paintcare, a national non-profit organization, was created to promote safe disposal of paint by consumers. Paintcare identified the Latino community to be one of the largest paint purchasing demographic but also observed that the community fell behind in their use of paint disposal locations.


Even though the Latino community is the nation’s largest minority group, 54.5 million people, or about 17.2% of the U.S. population, there is little environmental messaging targeting this group. This lack contributes to why Latinos were having problems identifying themselves as environmentalists and performing actions such as recycling.

To understand the barriers and motivators towards proper paint disposal, SGA implemented a survey of the attitudes and beliefs of Latinos around paint recycling. The survey interviewed 350 Latinos in seven metropolitan areas across California and Colorado. Participants were also questioned as to what they perceived to be the benefits of recycling paint. Participants stated either health benefits regarding their community and family or environmental benefits concerning wildlife to be the greatest positives.

Following the survey, SGA conducted three focus groups to test the understanding from the survey. The three focus groups addressed these three objectives:

  1. Understand the beliefs and attitudes concerning paint recycling within the Latino community
  2. Understand potential discrepancy in perception concerning paint recycling between Latino communities residing in rural vs urban areas
  3. Receive and assess feedback on message and distribution method


Key survey results showed that the majority (79%) of those within the Latino community were unaware of recycling programs within paint stores. Participants stated the greatest barriers to recycling paint were a lack of awareness of paint recycling programs (38%), followed by inconvenience of the recycling process (15%) and lack of motivation (14%). Results once again showed a need for outreach and highlighted the necessity of communicating the ease and accessibility of paint recycling programs to the community.

When questioned what they did with their unused paint, 77% stated they placed leftover paint in storage while 9% of the participants stated they disposed of the material by way of their regular trash, which is hazardous to do.

To assess potential differences in effectiveness between motivation-centered vs. barrier-centered outreach messaging within the Latino community, SGA created a video for each. The motivation-centered outreach messaging highlighted outcome benefits of the positive behavior: e.g. more space in storage. The barrier-centered outreach messaging described hurdles preventing the recycling behavior.

We tested the campaign using both the Google and Facebook advertising platform. Information such as impressions and view rates were observed. We also periodically changed the advertising message or the ad photo and noted any differences. The results of this testing confirmed the survey and focus group results that indicated that family was one of the biggest motivators to recycling paint.


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