SGA Marketing

Research and Surveys

Behind the data, we find the truth

Our approach with Community-Based Social Marketing is rooted in a deep understanding of the social sciences concerning awareness and engagement. We’ve learned that to trigger behavior change, we must first understand the barriers and motivators of our target audience — and that requires a whole lot of research.

SGA is capable of fully-scalable research operations, including survey design, interview facilitation, and message testing. 

Review the literature

Before we conduct our own research, our team will thoroughly review any pre-existing research — including third-party studies and relevant public domain information. This is to establish a baseline of audience understanding and identify any blind spots we can cover in our own research. 

If you want to avoid pitfalls in your own campaign, it’s crucial to understand the successes and failures of similar projects.

Collect the data

Primary research forms the backbone of our process. We start by developing and distributing an objective survey instrument, designed to collect preliminary insights on audience values, beliefs, and attitudes. The surveys will also obtain demographic and psychographic information that helps us divide your audience into segments we can target.

However, surveys don’t always tell the full story — and that’s why we validate our findings with in-depth interviews. These interviews give us insight into the deeper rationale for consumer behavior, helping us get to the important stuff: their barriers and motivators to action.

Test the message

Once we’ve used the data to develop multiple messaging strategies, we will use multivariate analysis to determine which option is most effective with a given audience. This allows us to get to the right message without wasting valuable time. 

At SGA, we make creative decisions based on data — not on hunches.