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Social Media Marketing

We make content that gets noticed

In today’s world, neglecting social media means missed opportunities. It’s the most dominant form of communication in the world, with unlimited avenues for public engagement. There’s no better place to raise awareness and build trust with your audience.

For years, SGA has used social media to help public sector organizations improve their engagement and enhance their effectiveness. Our insight-driven process will help you identify target audiences, generate compelling content, and provide even more value to your organization.

Gather the data

We use a variety of tools to help our clients discover essential insights about their audience. We use the data to inform and enhance your social media marketing, providing you with a broad understanding of how the public interacts with your content. 

We’ll also do a comprehensive audit of your most-shared content, assessing performance based on several criteria to refocus your strategy. The more we know about your audience’s preferences, the better we can make your content. 

Pick your platforms

Once we understand the audience’s needs, preferences, and motivators, we’ll determine which social media channels are best suited for you. Different types of posts require different platforms, and our expert strategy team knows how to leverage each to its full potential.

For example, we’ve found that Facebook is a great place to test your messaging and see what resonates with your followers, while Twitter is great for announcing events or meetings. Don’t just throw posts at the wall to see what sticks. Focus your efforts where they’ll be most effective.

Create your content

No matter where it’s published, thoughtfully-crafted content is a fundamental aspect of any social media marketing strategy. Good content draws people in. If your content is disjointed or irrelevant, people aren’t going to care what the message is.

We’ll create a content calendar, detailing the posts we’ll publish several months in advance. We’ll figure out when certain content will perform best, taking advantage of seasonal context whenever possible.