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Stormwater Program – Orange County


Social Media Marketing


This Orange County Stormwater (OCSW) program sought to educate residents and businesses about protecting water quality and conserving water through social media engagement and interactions.


SGA held a photo contest for OCSW in which Orange County residents were encouraged to submit photos of a California Friendly landscape or plant. They were also encouraged to participate in the voting process to select the winners.
The “Plants, Camera, Action!” photo contest was hosted on the Overwatering is Out website and promoted on the OCSW Facebook page. Facebook posts about the contest were posted weekly and ads ran during the contest period in order to to promote the contest. All photo entries were uploaded to a Facebook album weekly.

There were two categories:

  1. Most beautiful photo of a California friendly landscape.
  2. Most beautiful photo of a California friendly plant.

The goals of this contest were to encourage residents to prevent water pollution and runoff and to raise awareness about California Friendly plants and landscapes in order to keep the local waterways clean. The contest ran between March 16 -June 30th.


OCSW received a total of 137 photo contest entries (44 in the previous year) and 645 unique photo contest votes. One of the main reasons why there was an increase was the integration of a social media ad campaign.

SGA developed two types of ads:

  1. Campaign Promotion Ad
  2. Voting Ad

For each, we drafted several versions, reviewed the engagement rate and then utilized the most successful ads. We also boosted the posts every week to promote the contest and to get increase the reach. The Facebook posts regarding the contest had a cumulative reach of 41,937 and a total of 1,127 post reactions (likes, comments, and shares).

While the photo contest was one of the successful campaigns we conducted for OCSW, we also fully integrate Facebook into the core messaging of the program. Links were embedded into social media posts so that followers were sent to the OCSW webpage to learn more about the program’s initiatives. On a regular basis, we encouraged the Facebook audience to visit to sign up for water saving tips and rebate information, take an action to reduce overwatering, attend local events, or obtain a yard sign and/or “Water Champion” sticker.

Throughout the year, we used built-in metrics to determine the total number of impressions to assess message effectiveness. From this strategy, OCSW saw a significant increase in their online and social media engagement.


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