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Strategic Communication

We tell stories that resonate

If there’s one thing we know at SGA, it’s that effective strategic communication doesn’t just appear fully-formed. The best campaigns are the result of a laborious process, requiring a hefty dose of creativity, expertise, and ambition. 

Our team doesn’t just throw words on a billboard and call it a day. We painstakingly examine the media landscape — and your target audience — to find the most effective opportunity to spread your message. 

No matter your project, we’ll help you get it in front of the right people at the right time.

Create a roadmap

The first step to achieving your objective is setting your goals. Are you trying to raise awareness among a certain demographic? Change attitudes toward an initiative? Educate children on a community issue? 

We always start by laying out a strategic approach and implementation roadmap that illustrates the journey to reaching your goal. These will include a mix of targeted outreach, radio/print advertising, and digital marketing. The marketing approach will be custom-made for your campaign — because no two projects are exactly alike. 

Different goals require different strategies. Whether you’re trying to raise awareness or change minds, we’ll help devise a comprehensive roadmap of tactics to help you get there.

Develop your message

Before we write or design, we dive into the emotional root of the campaign. We research the barriers and motivators that affect our audience’s behavior. We look at what’s worked and what hasn’t. We focus on finding the persuasive hook that makes our message resonate with the reader. 

But we don’t stop there — all our creative decisions are weighed using A/B testing, checking to see which angle is most effective at capturing the audience’s attention. The results will help us develop a better understanding of what messages stick in our audience’s mind and motivate them to action.

Choose your channel

There’s a science to getting your message in front of the right people. Our team has years of experience reaching distinct audiences, whether through our refined micro-targeting tactics or simple broad-scale advertising. We use psychographic identification to further segment your audience, and to provide you with a tailored media plan that fits your goals.

Our expert strategists understand the myriad of media options, and will help deliver your communications where they’ll be most effective.

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