SGA Marketing

Training and Workshops

It’s time to start controlling your message

As a public organization, your relationship to the press can make or break you.  

Here at SGA, we have decades of experience teaching organizations how to improve their communication skills. Whether it’s crisis response training or media consulting, we’ll always help you put your best foot forward. 

Get published

As the saying goes, “facts tell, stories sell.” People don’t care about the dry details of your program — they care about an interesting narrative and how it connects to them individually. 

In our workshops, we’ll teach you how to extract compelling storylines from your organization’s work and get them published. We explain how newsrooms operate, and how to pitch stories to editors. By the end of our workshop, your staff will be full-fledged communications professionals.

Prepare for the worst

As media professionals, we know how difficult it can be to rebound from bad press. That’s why we’ve spent over two decades training clients on how to handle on-camera opportunities. From preparing for a news conference to creating a soundbite, we’ll coach your organization’s leaders on how to respond to everything the media will throw at them.

By throwing you into simulated crisis response scenarios, you’ll gain valuable experience dealing with tough questions. 

Be a superb subject

We also provide coaching to help your organization make the most every on-camera opportunity you get. We’ll discuss how to develop your talking points; the nuances of body language; and how to deliver your point in a persuasive way. 

Before you know it, our training will transform you into the media expert your organization needs you to be.