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Watts Re:Imagined – NRDC + Grant Housing & Economic Development Corp


Branding and Design


Watts Re:Imagined was a collaboration of individuals and community organizations committed to fostering a vibrant future for Watts. NRDC and the Grant AME Church tasked SGA to create new branding, and develop and implement new communication strategies to promote the revitalization of the historic neighborhood of Watts with developments that focused on quality of life, social equity, economic opportunity, and environmental sustainability.


SGA created new branding and communication strategy for Watts Re:Imagined. Our goal was to create a look, feel, voice and narrative that helped Watts Re: Imagined meet its multi-faceted objectives. Through a strategic, integrated communications effort, SGA informed, engaged, and promoted Watts Re:Imagined to the local community and the greater Los Angeles public.

Watts Re: Imagined had two major branding and communication goals:

  • Leverage the visibility of the 50th anniversary of the Watts Riots to promote brand recognition and a widespread understanding of the Watts Re:Imagined vision.
  • Garner interest and support from stakeholders, politicians, and potential investors to bring the Watts Re:Imagined plan to life.

This project showcases one of SGA’s incredibly important skill sets: The ability to hit the ground running. SGA found and nurtured the voice of the campaign, developed a social media suite, built a mobile responsive website, created new branding material, developed a communication plan and events master calendar that tied together the objectives of various stakeholders and contributors, produced an editorial calendar of content that could honor the range of voices that needed to be heard, and successfully managed the ongoing promotion up until the 50th Anniversary of the Watts Riots.


SGA developed a Strategic Communications Plan that memorialized SGA’s review of existing materials, the client survey, and the strategic planning meeting. The Plan outlined the strategic and tactical objectives of the program and set out metrics for what success would look like. It also included a more detailed timeline and any additional deliverables that were later identified as necessary. This document was updated quarterly as the understanding of the project evolved.

We produced a brief report each quarter synthesizing the key findings. These documents were a key check-in for the team to make sure all parties were working in concert. The results of these check-ins were used to update the Strategic Communications Plan.

At the conclusion of the project, SGA delivered a comprehensive report on project activities, deliverables, metrics and recommendations for future projects, based on our experience working on the project. This closeout document served as a final update to the Strategic Communication Plan and creative brief, ensuring that the Watts Re: Imagined team had the most comprehensive understanding of the communication strategy and a stable foundation on which to build more growth.


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